The American Music Awards 2013

The Good 

Sunday night saw the annual America Music Awards, held in Los Angeles and you all know that I couldn't wait to see what had been worn on the red carpet. 

Above are my top picks for the AMAs and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with a couple of outfit choices that made it into my best dressed. Firstly, I was loving all the monochrome that was showcased at the award show, monochrome has been a hit all year and its going to be even bigger come 2014, so these lovely ladies are ahead of the game, to be honest you cant really go wrong with black & white and it leaves so much room for you to play with accessories, make up and bold lips. As I said before I didn't expect the likes of Ke$ha and Rihanna to be in my best dresses category, as in the past I have never really been a fan of their red carpet outfit choices. Ke$ha did stay true to her crazy ways and opted for a multicoloured barnet, but I also surprisingly loved this. I absolutely adored Miley and Brandi Cyrus' outfits, so different yet both using the same colour and both showing the right amount of skin. Was in love with Keltie Knight's and Daisey Fuentes' dresses, they looked so effortless. Especially Keltie's dress, as textures and feathers are huge this A/W and adding diamond embellishments to it just gave it that extra va va vom. 
I also thought Jordan Sparks and Naya Rivera looked amazing, Naya's dress was a little too booby for me personally but she did look goreous. Finally my best dresses overall winners go to Kylie and Kendell Jenner. WOW no words. To be honest, at first I didn't like either of their outfits, but then I looked a few hours later and I actually fell in love, Kendell looked like an gorgeous victoria secret angel, showcasing her enviable pins and kylie unvailed her new locks, and I must say im feeling the ombre. What I adored was how the girls teamed their looks with amazing jackets, kendell with that white blazer looked unreal and I love how the biker jacket gave kylie that rocker chick feel. These girls killed it for me, bravo. 

Some of the outfits below I feel were mediocre, not hideous, but just not good enough unfortunately. 

In all honesty I would give a lot of these looks 5/10 they actually weren't so bad, they were just a couple of things I would have change to make the outfit look better. I thought Taylor Swifts dresses was beautiful, but I wasn't a fan those shoes with the outfit and hair. I did quite like what Emma Roberts wore, I just thought the shoes didn't go at all, it was to bold a colour when she was wearing a dress so out there. 

The Bad 

These are my picks for worst dressed, oh hey everyone look Aubrey O'day has got her boobs out again. Every time I see her, they are always out, in my opinion it is just not classy to get your breasts out at every opportunity and no one will every take you seriously, it is so obvious that she was craving the attention, the dress would have been okay if it wasn't so low. Anyway back to the post, I really do have a soft spot for Zeldaya, but for me this look did not work at all. She is 17 years old and this outfit looks like something Cher would wear. I feel she needs to dress her again, have a little fun, play around with colours and styles. I was actually really disappointed with Giuliana Rancic's and Heidi Klum's outfit choices as they are usually dressed to perfection. Im not even going to comment on Lil Mama's outfit because its clear NOT "poppin". I thought Jennifer Hudson and Jenna Ushkowitz dress were very odd, they both looked like they were going to a summer barbecue not a huge awards ceremony, also the choice of colour was not doing it for me at all. Its A/W they should have experimented with autumn colours maybe go for a maroon or a very dark roasted orange, instead it just looks like they were trying to hold onto summer a little longer. 

The Boys 

I wasn't a fan these four looks above. I think Jesse would have been okay if he changed his shoes and that horrible studded bow tie. But guys can we just pause for a moment... what in the world was Akon thinking rocking up in an all leather ensemble? 

However, these boys below pulled it out of the bag for me. 

I know what you're all thinking, Em, really 2Chains? You know what I love it, I think he rocked this look, he is so different and unique, and is clearly not afraid to play with colour and mix a little vintage in there too. I would haply buy that shirt aha. Austin Mahone looked dapper in his suit, with his well polished shoes. Fallout boy, one of my all time favourite bands (after Kings of Leon, the 1975 and 30 Seconds to Mars HA) looked rad, these boys look like they haven't aged a day. Finally, its funny how I always end with One Direction in my outfit review posts, I guess its because they just kill it for me time and time again, their stylist deserves a round of applause. I love the whole grey and black combination they've got going on, and if I had to pick which one dressed the best it would be Zayn, I adore the polo neck with that double breasted blazer, looks dope. It would then be Liam, Louis, Harry then Niall, however, they all look so good though!

There we have it, my AMA fashion review is complete, I cant wait for the next big awards ceremony to happen, so we can do this all over again. 

Who would you put in your categories and do you agree or disagree with my selection?
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  1. Kendall, Kylie and One Direction look amazing.

    Totally agree with your choices!

    Jamie |

  2. Kendall and Kylie definitely killed it!!! I just love them!! They are so classy! And wait...Is that Lil Mama?? She looks like The Wicked Witch of the Forest! LMBO! I can't!!

    1. loool it was her, haha she looked too funny :) xx

  3. Love all the Monochrome! Kendall and Kylie are amazing and soooo pretty!

  4. totally agree with your choices, rihannas is my favourite outfit


  5. Kendall was looking amazing! but what the hell was r.kelly wearing lol

  6. I really loved 2 Chainz outfit, Akon was an utter disappointement lol. What the heck was he thinking?

    1. haha yes someone agrees with me haha, yeah I was horrified LOL! :) xx

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  8. They look so fabulous here! xx

  9. loved kendalls outfit! would you like to follow eachother?

  10. Great post, so many amazing outfits!! And some not so amazing ones - totally agree with you on these! :-) xxx

  11. I totally agree with your good and bad ones. For the first time lately i loved the outfit of Miley Cirus as well. ;)

  12. I thought Ciara looked the best!
    Stunning <3
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  13. adore this opinion!! so true xxx would love you to check out my blog

    collette xox

  14. loveee your blog!

  15. This is such a great post,
    I think it's so interesting to see what celebrities wear on the red carpet,
    I love your choices of the best-dressed people. :)

  16. I like so much this post! Katy Perry is my fav <3

  17. I loved lady gaga's look! It was amazing so different and weird just like her! But all the good ones are great! :)