I have a little confession... I have a slight obsession with shoes, clothes, shopping, shoes & more shoes. 

23 year old Masters student who created this blog to log my fashion and lifestyle thoughts and ideas. I have a huge love for all things related to fashion and I really enjoy the styling side of things. Fashion has always been a passion of mine, it is away to show people who you are and express yourself, without words, its really a universal language. 

I lil bit of a foodie and a Singer-Songwriter with a true love for music and oh I also set up my own headwear businesses DizzyVelvet, were we sell some cool headwear items, such as beanies and floral crown. 

I'm  a Christian and Jesus always comes first in what ever I do, I'm just a lover of life. 


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  1. Wow you own your own headwear shop that's amazing! I just checked it out the beanie with roses looks lush, like girly and casual put together. Defo following your blog hun and thanks for commenting on mine xx