Part 3: Trends, Prints & Hot Pieces to watch out for in 2013

Part 3 - H O T    P I E C E S

I'm back with my final post in my three part series on trends, prints and hot pecies to look out for this year. You can check out PART 1 HERE and PART 2 HERE.
I am SO SORRY its taken me over a month to write this post. I've had these ideas since writing part 1 but its so late because these type of posts take me forever to write, as there is just so much information to include and I haven't had much time to write intense posts, as I'm currently up to my neck in uni work urgh, BUT finally i'm getting round to it. Part 3 is all about 'Hot Piece' that are going to/already making a big impact in 2013, on the runways, on blogs, in stores and in fashion magazines. I decided I would stick to 2 hot pieces, as I have a lot to say about both of these items. 

1. Slogan/Statement Tees 

The first hot piece on my list is slogan tees. Its safe to say they are literally everywhere and I think its only going to get bigger and better. I know they are around but statement tees are definitely one hot piece you are going to need for 2013, its all about making a STATEMENT this year.  

A couple of months ago Topshop started selling a top with "GEEK" on it in big, bold writing. Not going to lie I actually liked it, but being a poor student at the time I couldnt really afford to splash out £20 odd on a T-shirt that just had some writing on it. A few weeks later I was at university and I literally saw 6 different people with it on, in the space of 2 hours. Fast forward to 2013, they released "DORK" & "DWEEB" tees and I swear everyone is in them now and they are in every shop you go to. Perrie Edwards and Victoria Justice are fans of the "GEEk" t shirt. 

To be honest Im really not a fan of them at all anymore, sometimes I get put off things quickly when everyone has it and in this case I guess I'm not keen on the "geek" "dweed" and "dork" tees, but back to the positives about this hot pieces. I'm not against statement tees, infact I love them. I think a statement tee is a necessity in ones wardrobe, they can tell you a lot about a persons personality and feelings. They also look gorgeous with a cute skirt, or riding pants, basically they go with everything. Many shops are starting to produced their own slogan tees. MissGuided and BooHoo have created some cool ones, incorporating trends of 2013 into them.

 Queen Delevingne loves a cheeky statement tee aswell. 

Other celebrities are also no strangers to the slogan tee. These days they use their outfits to get attention, feelings and their personal message across.

I couldnt do a post about statement tees and not mention bloggers and youtubers favourite Celine tee. Rhianna has also been spotted in this top. 

Sorry, but again I have to be honest, unfortunately, I'm not to keen on this top either. These days it seems like everyone and their mum has this top? Anyone else feel that way? Nothing wrong with that, but like I said before, when everyones got the same thing its just not my cup of TEE. However, I'm definitely more of a Brian Lichtenberg girl when it comes to statment tees. I love his take on the Celine, Channel, Gucci and Hermes logo t shirt and how he it pokes a little fun at the designers. I feel they are different and look pretty rad. Some of his celebrity fans include Miley Cyrus, Jordan Dunn and Nicola Roberts.

I thought it would be cool to feature two of my friends in this section as they both have awesome statement tops that I absolutely love and haven't seen around before. The "Broschino" tee is deffentiley one of the coolest things I've seen all year. 

2. HeadGear

Next on the list is head gear, I really think many different types of headwear are going to be around a lot this year and the ones I decided to focus on were beanies, snapbacks, ears and flower headbands. 

Beanies have slowly come into fashion since last year and I believe by the end of this year, everyone and their cousin will own at least one beanie, that they wear regularly. To be honest you can't really go wrong with a beanie. Its the perfect accessory to go with any outfit, it automatically edges it up and if you're having a bad hair day, whack one on and you're sorted. You can also find beanies for dirt cheap these days. Plenty of outlets on eBay sell them in literally every colour, shade and style, trust me thats where mine are from. Im a huge beanie addict and because they are so cheap I cant stop myself from buying them in every colour. Many bloggers, such as the gorge Sammi over at BeautyCrush and beauts Kavita over at She Wears Fashion rock this hot piece very well. 

Even though beanies are a new thing for a lot of people, fashion retailers are always looking for the next best thing. After looking through many online fashion stores, it looks like they are still beanies, however, they are now adding ears onto them. For example, the Topshop ear beanie below and celebrites such as Ke$ha and Demi Lovato have already jumped on the beanie ears trend.  

ASOS stock a numerous amount of different beanies, also many beanies I've been seeing lately are big, bold and bright, yep, 2013 is definitely about making a statement.  

Rihanna, Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne are massive beanie wearers, you hardly ever seen them without a beanie on these days, which is pretty awesome. 

I also think snapbacks are going to be a piece to watch out for in 2013. Obviously, its always been a massive thing for boys, However, I really think its going to be huge for girls this spring/summer. Fashion retailers such as River Island and DaisyStreet have already started stocking them in for the ladies. For a few months now, I've had my eye on a gorgeous studded all over snapback that boohoo used to sell but now daisystreet stock, and I'm defintely going to make the purchase, i've contemplated it for too long. I think this whole snapback thing can be a little daunting at first but after you've passed that hurdle its plain sailing from there. ALSO the fact that Rihanna has included a snapback in her "Rihanna for River Island" range I think we are going to be seeing many more girls rocking this trend.

Beyonce and Cassie love their trusty snapback. 

Another piece of head gear that I think its going to blow up this year is an odd one, cat ear headbands. Yep, I know, what am I thinking right? I really believe they are going to be pretty big in 2013. I've started to see them be featured in a lot of magazines and articles, I feel they automatically give any outfit a quirky feel and also adds that extra pop. 

Pixie Lott is a huge believer in the cat ears headband, as she is seen rocking them, day in day out. 

Other celebrities that love the headbands include Taylor Swift and Helen Flanagan.

Bloggers such as the lovely Lilly from llymlrs and Sammi at BeautyCrush are also fans of this hot piece. 

Stores such as Boohoo, ASOS and Topshop are already selling these amazing headwear items, in all different shapes and sizes. I've got to say i'm a fan of the cute little ones Topshop have created, so subtle, yet stands out. 

The last part of the headgear section is flower headbands. Oh my goodness, I'm in love with them, okay thats beside the point. Flower headbands arrived on the scene around the beginning of last year, mainly because of Lana Del Ray. She is the queen of flower head gear, she wears them so easily and she looks flawless in them. 

  Shortly followed by Pixie Lott and Alexa Chung, who also love this trend. 

Unfortunately, last year they didnt really take off and were only seen during the festival period. However, I believe this year we are going to see so much more of these beautiful peices. They are not just for the summer, in my opinion they are a year round item. They can instantly make any outfit seem girly and stand out. They also go with literally everything. I cant wait to get my hands of a few when my student loans arrive woooo. These beauties have also been seen on numerous runways this year making appearances at London and New York Fashion week. I've also spotted them in magazine spreads and on fashion blogs. 

Crown and Glory sell some absolute devine ones. 

DollyBowBow also have some cheaper alternatives. 

My views on these amazing pieces are THE BIGGER THE BETTER, why not? Blogger Kavita look stunning in these flower crowns. 

There you have it, 5hours later, yep its literally taken me over 6 hours to write this LOL, part 3 is finally complete. Sorry its so long though, just had so much to share, definitely my longest EVER posts. I'm glad that I have been able to complete it, even though its such a small thing, i'm glad that i've done it and I hope you guys liked the series. It would be cool if we start to see some of the stuff I predicted from this part and parts 1 & 2. Hope you all enjoyed this post, don't forget you can check out PART 1 HERE and PART 2 HERE

Oh, I'm also not sure when I'll be blogging next as my Mac might be going in for repairs on tuesday. Im still at university for another week, but when I get home I'm sure ill find a laptop, so ill do a couple of cheeky posts when I'm home for easter, but that might not be the case as thats only if my laptop does go for repairs this week. Anyway enough of me rambling, hope you all have a lovely week!
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  1. Great post lovely - I'm a big fan of the Celine tees but not so much of the 'Geek' tees - they're everywhere and rather over rated! Loving the floral crowns they're so pretty, but don't like the cat ear headbands - I think they look cheap!

    Elizabeth Daisy x

    1. thank you for reading haha was very long :) xx

  2. I'm all about the headgear lol! Lovee beanies and floral crowns! Xx

    1. haha yes girlie all about the head gear :) xx

  3. love the inspiration, I know what you mean about the Céline tee! I absolutely love it but the fact that everyone has it is kinda putting me off :/

    1. thank you. yeah I totts agree, I used to really like them! :) xx

  4. love this post!, I really want the floral headbands, beanies and cat ears!
    xx Ayesha

  5. I loveeee the floral crown head bands, wish I could pull them off!

  6. love these trends especially the beanies and head accessories, thanks for sharing, this is such an inspirational post <3

  7. LOVE the 'swag' tee and desperate to get a celine number

    B xxx

    1. same, swag tee deffo caught my eye! :) xx

  8. Great post! The tees with the lettering have definitely took over the world, haha!

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    1. thank you, shall deffo check out your blog! :) xx

  10. thanks for stopping by our blog, adoring your blog miss!
    lets make sure we stay in touch via bloglovin as GFC is disappearing soon!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

  11. This is a great post! I'm feeling really inspired to buy some new headgear, as I really don't wear a lot of it! And could Kavita get any more beautiful?! Wowww! I can't believe I have only just found your blog now, I love it! Definitely following you now!

    1. thank you so much, yeah Kavita is so stunning! :) xx

  12. Oh love this post!!
    I'm totally in loe with headgear
    Really need to get some new bits!
    S xx