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I've been itching to do a post on how much I LOVE Kelly Kapowski's and her style and how we can all steal it, thats if you like her style of course.
Some of you might not be aware of who Kelly Kapowski actually is, well she is a character from the amazing 90s show Saved by the Bell, anyone remember it? I absolutely loved watching it back in the day, it was definitely in my top 5 favourite 90s TV shows and Kelly was my favourite, followed by Zack. Anyway back to Kelly, I really loved the way she was dressed and styled on the show, her whole look is totally up my street, in fact the way the whole cast was dressed was so retro and 90s I seriously was/am still in love. 

In the early stages of Kelly's character, her look was literally high waisted errrythang, bright, beautiful colours, big stand out prints and very oversized. As her character developed on the show, her colours became darker and her fashion choices were much more mature, however, she still kept the classic off the shoulder and turtule neck looks. A lot of the outfits in these photos are slowly but surly creeping back into fashion, for example the off the shoulder tops, cropped turtle necks and floral boob tubes have been spotted in many high street shops. I actually haven't stopped telling you all how much I love the whole 90s trend and I really cannot stress it enough, AHHH its my favourote trend ever, even before it started becoming popular, I have always seemed to have 90s items in my wardrobe, from old clothes to my mums hand-me-downs. I thought it would be a cool idea to steal Kelly's style from one of my favourite shops, ASOS, this was because you can literally find EVERYTHING on that site, it is just so so amazing. 

ASOS steals Kelly's Style

90's Dress With Cold Shoulder £32, Off Shoulder Skater Dress £38

Denim Dress With Button Through Detail £40, Dress with Belt and Open Back £90

Bandage Off the Shoulder Dress £32, Lace Peplum Prom Dress £135

Crop Top with Cold Shoulder and Polo Neck £15, Crop top with Polo Neck £8

Bustier In Gliteratti Print £27, Corset in Abstract Feather Print £10.50

Body with Drop Racer Back £18Body with Backless Detail £15

Knitted Pom Pom Cropped Tank Top £27.50Rose Print Crop Top £12

 Floral Skater Skirt £22Skater Skirt in Sweet Pea Print £16

 Mini Skirt in Checkerboard Print £14 Skater Skirt in Texture £15

High Waisted Denim Mini Skirt £44Denim Dungaree Shorts in Ripped Vintage Wash £40

Denim Shorts with Ripped Panels in Dark Was £28Ombre Fringe Denim Shorts £38

Trousers In Monochrome £35Peg Trouser in Floral £22

Loose Boyfriend Jeans in Citrus £70Jeans in Light Vintage Wash £35 

Printed Bomber Jacket £81, Bomber Jacket With All Over Embroidery £66

Spot Print Bomber Jacket £56Batik Print Bomber Jacket £56

Domino' Oversized Chequered Cardigan £42.50Oversized Angora Mix Cardigan £79
Pointed Ballet Flats £25, Suede Studded Ballet Flats £40

 Cut Out Floral Shoes £85, Leather Brogues £45
Leather And Faux Pony Zip Top Clutch Bag £30

Cross Over Chain Bag £26Lomas Satin Bow Clutch £59

Aztec Woven Belt £16, Skinny Small Studded Belt £9

Spot Triangle Doorknocker Earrings £10, Multi Colour Skull Watch £35

To be honest when writing this post it made me a little sad, I seriously miss the good old 90s days and the amazing TV shows back then, I wouldn't mind taking a trip back to the 90s aye. I literally turned the ASOS website upside down in search for Kelly-esque items and here are some of the one I felt really that really screamed Miss Kapowski. I think if Saved by The Bell was still around kelly would be seen in many of these items. Also in this selection there are colours, prints, designs and trends that are current at the moment too. I find so much inspiration from looking at old photos of Kelly and I love seeing the different ways she paired items together. 

Who were your childhood style inspirations? 
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  1. loveee this post! Kelly was always my favourite i absolutely loved and still do love the way she dressed! xx

    1. thank you, Me too, seriously loved her back in the day xx

  2. Love this post girl! and ADORE kelly kapowski haha! I'm such a huge fan of 90s TV shows. Forever wishing it was still the 90s with all the retro clothes and trends! X x

    1. Thank you so much, yes i totally agree, wish I could go back! xx

  3. Oh my gosh, Amen to this post right here. Kelly Kapowski was my idol when I used to watch Saved By The Bell - that perfectly blow dried hair was my dream. Asos have got her style spot on.

    1. Thank you very much :), I agree she was gorge! xx

  4. congrats on being shortlisted, I saw your post it's super cool!

    1. thank you so much, I saw yours too, its awesome! xx

  5. I used to be so jealous of her clothes as a kid, now I can see why. I love the items you found they scream kelly kapowski but are abit more wearable now! Great post :) Needless to say I feel very nostalgic now.

    Charlotte xx

  6. man i miss this show! love this post, such a wonderful idea. she was my favourite too.
    congratulations on being shortlisted too, i liked on Facebook - good luck!

  7. Love this.
    Specially the bomber jackets, I didn't even know clothes could be that colourful, haha

  8. Wow great post!
    Thanks for taking the time to inspire us :D
    I miss Saved by the bell!
    UK High Street Fashion & Style

  9. oh my days love this post! the clothes you picked are dead hottt x

  10. We´re kitsch like no other and we´re not afraid to embrace it! We LOOOOOOOOOOOVE Kelly´s style, in fact, we loved it in the nineties and we love it right now!
    Other childhood style icon for me was blossom. I re-watch the show recently and I´d wear some of her looks!!

    Cool blog, we really like it! We invite you to visit ours!

    1. We´re following you back by the way. You have an awesome blog!

    2. LOL yes me too, thank you so so much :) xx

  11. Great Post!

    Love the 90s and followed on thaht time "saved by the bell!

    The shoppin ideas are amazing, my favourit the ethnich belt, where is it from?

    Follow each other sweety?


  12. love some of the pieces you have chosen.especially the cold shoulder crop top

  13. I love Kelly and I love Saved by the Bell!
    Very nice picks you've got there! Very
    '90 c:


  14. This is really cool and I love all of the Kelly looks. Great blog! xo

  15. So many great Kelly-esque looks! Have followed you - great blog! Xx

  16. ZOMG the bralette with the sexy!


  17. Aw I love this post, made me a little teary eyed, I miss Saved By The Bell so much! I wish they would start showing it again! I love the clothes in it, even the boys! I bought a top with Screech on it a while ago, its for boys but oh well, I wear it with pride hehe x

    1. thank you so much, aw meet to got a little sad writing it. yes I agree, deffo one of the best shows on TV back in the day, aw thats amazing I would love a top like that :) xx

  18. in love with all the looks in this post! seriously excited about injecting some 90s inspiration into my outfits now
    sara x

    1. thank you so much :) yaay got to love a bit of the 90s :) xx

  19. I absolutely admire her style aswell :-) love tese sorts of blog posts