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Hey lovelies, I've been seeing the TMI tag flying all over the youtube world and I was actually going to film this tag, as I mentioned in my previous post that I am going to start a YouTube channel to accompany this blog. Then I thought Emmanuella really? You hardly have time to blog and you want to start a YouTube channel with all the work you've got going on, so I thought maybe it wasn't the smartest ideas. I will be hopefully starting my YouTube around the end of April because that is officially when Im done with university till September yay and I've got some soft box lighting coming my way soon, so its all very exciting. Anyway, onto the nature of this post, as I had mentioned I'd seen this tag on youtube but I haven't seen it on any blogs, so I thought hey why not give it a crack... so here goes.  

1. What are you wearing? 
Im wearing my parental advisory sweatshirt from ASOS and my PJ bottoms. 
2. Ever been in love? 
3. Ever had a terrible break-up?
4. How tall are you? 
I'd like to think im 5'5 but I think im 5'4
5. How much do you weight? 
I actually have no clue, I haven't stepped on scales in years, I go by how clothes feel
6. Any tattoos?
Yes I have one on my wrist, a music note. 
7. Any piercings?
Yep I have 8 piercings 
8. OTP? 
I have two, first is Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf, they are actually prefect together. But my all time favourite OTP though is Seth Cohan and Summer Roberts, like I cannot beginning to explain how much I love them as a couple
9. Favourite TV show? 
This will forever and always be The OC. I have seen every single episode at least 3 times, I have the special edition boxset and everything, me being the little OC geek I am. 
10. Favourite bands? 
First Kings of Leon followed so closely by the 1975. I also love Fallout Boy, My Chemical Romance, 30 Seconds to Mars, Blink 182 and Plus 44. 
11. Something you miss? 
I miss being young and carefree, now its work work work and decisions about how to spend the rest of yourself. 
12. Favourite Song?
Kings of Leon - Use Somebody 
13. How old are you? 
I dont no about you but im feeling 22 
14. Zodiac sign?
15. Quality you look for in a partner?
Someone thats funny, caring, sensitive yet masculine and just an all round nice guy 
16. Favourite quote? 
"First take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck in your brothers eye" Its one from the Bible and it basically means there are so many hypocrites that criticise other people when they are doing the same or worse
17. Favourite actor? 
18. Favourite colour? 
Turquoise or Mint 
19. Loud or soft music?
Definitely loud
20. Where do you go when your sad?
In bed on my phone
21. How long does it take you to shower? 
I love showers like I always think im in there for 30-40 minutes but It ends up only being like 15
22. How long do you take to get ready in the morning? 
On a day to day basis when I have university etc probably 5 minutes as i plan what im wearing the day before and I only just fill in my brows and head out. On a night out between 30-40 minutes
23. Ever been in a physical fight? 
24.Turn on? 
 Someone thats tall. Also LOVE tattoos and piercings oh and you have to have nice finger nails, is that really weird? 
25.Turn off? 
Cocky guys, I cant deal with boys who think they can get any girl
26. The reason I joined blogspot?
I used to read HellooMonica years and year ago but I had no idea what it was. Then my friend Vanz started to blog and I was like this looks awesome, and because I love fashion so much, I was like hey why not
27. Fears?
You know when you go to the doctors because your ill or something and you have tests, waiting for the result really scares me, I dont know why, its not even the outcome its the not knowing whats going on. Oh and turbulence scars the hell out of me aha
28. Last time you cried? 
I have no idea, I haven't cried in a while, maybe sometime last year, which is strange because I used to be such a cry baby. 
29. Last time you said you loved somebody?
Last night, to my mum.
30. Meaning behind you blogger name?
No meaning aha, It just randomly came to me, I guess its a little different. 
31. Last book you read?
Some university text book 
32. Book you are currently reading?
Exodus in the Bible 
33. Last show you watched? 
Breaking Bad, oh my gosh i've just started season 5 and i've been glued to my laptop. 
34. Last person you talked to?
My mother 
35. Relationship between the last person you texted?
Its a group chat between me and my two best friends Radhika and Nisha
36. Favourite food?
Sushi, sushi, sushi... oh and I love chinese food too. Oh and I've started craving pizza so bad. All food is my favourite food lmao 
37. Place you want to visit? 
Japan, China and Miami
38. Last place you were? 
My bed and im still there aha
39. Do you have a crush? 
No real life crush, BUT celebrity crush of course. Leo Dicaprio, Tom Hardy, Sean Faris and Chris Evans
41. Last time you were insulted?
JUST NOW. My friends and I insult each other on the daily 
42. Favourite flavour of sweet? 
Love popcorn and candy floss favoured jellie beans 
43. What instrument do you play?
"guitar" in quotes because I think I can play but I really cant aha. It on my goals list for 2014 to learn the piano, progress with that is 0 LOL
44. Favourite piece of jewellery? 
45. Last sport you played?
Does exercise DVDs count? aha
46. Last song you sang?
Flawless by Beyonce
47. Favourite chat up line? 
Are you from Iraq? Because i'd like to see you Baghdad ass up
48. Have you every used it? 
Most certainly not ahaha
49. Last time you hung out with some?
Last week friday with my course mates, im such a loner at the moment, masters work is a killer I have another assignment in for Monday... that I haven't started aha
50. Who should answer these questions next?
EVERYONE READING THIS, im so nosey a haha! 

P.s what do you guys think of my short fro? Im also getting good use out of my new camera, the quality is amazing, yay.
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  1. I love your responses,I think I'll be doing this tag too and congrats on your big chop!

    1. aw thanks lovely, cant wait to read it! xx

  2. I still have ok clue what OTP means loooool lovely post! Will defo be doing it! Look out for my responses.

    1. ahaha, its like your favourite fictional couple, from movies, tv shows etc. Aw great cant wait to read it! xx

  3. Use Somebody by Kings of Leon is such a classic ! Love it too :) You look gorgeous btw ! Would you like to follow each other on gfc and bloglovin ? Let me know and I'll follow you right back :) x

  4. I just love your blog! You're gorgeous! Following you now, hope you visit and follow my blog as well!♥

  5. aw this is a great post! great way to get to know bloggers! you look gorgeous girl!


  6. Gosh you are gorgeous!

    Thanks so much for the comment & visit. Your blog is lovely :)


  7. Girl you look so pretty in that pic, flawless skin and the eye colour <333
    Love your hair as well. Oh and Tom Hardy, Leo, Chris, love them all. So many things I can't relate to in your answers.
    Will definitely be doing this tag :)

    1. aw thank you so much, cant wait to read yours :) xx

  8. You are gorgeous!! Love this post.

    Xx- Noura

  9. you look very lovely, and I love sushi too! xx

  10. This tag is so much fun and I might do one too :) That chat-up line was ridiculous. I laughed so hard. New follower

    1. ahaha, thank you, cant wait to read it :) xx

  11. this seems cool and fun..I am going to most def do this today,will most def add you to my post..!! p.s sushi is the "isn" lol...

    1. aw awesome, will definitely check it out! xx

  12. great post and i love your shirt!
    following you via gfc and bloglovin now.
    happy day!

  13. Great answers!

    Your absolutely beautiful and the camera quality is amazing!

    You've got a new follower

    lots of love xxx

    Rebekah | Love From Rhj

  14. So nice and beautiful blog ! i really like it ! I want to invite you to mine, maybe u wanna follow each other ? If yes, just follow me and let me know ;* I will do the same as soon as possible ;*

  15. You seems so cute! Following you now!

  16. I love this tag - good luck with your youtube channel when you start it! We were going to make one along with our blog too but we're going to wait till summer so that our GCSE's are over:))xx

  17. You are so lucky that you're not done with Breaking Bad yet! I'm so sad that it's over, I wish I could go back in time and watch it for the first time again :)

    1. I've now finished it, I was so sad, so I started watching it again, im such a loser, I cant let it go ahahaha! xx

  18. I love reading posts like these. Love that photo at the end, Very beautiful.


  19. Replies
    1. ahaha only the greatest chat up line EVER! xx

  20. You look pretty !
    Oh an I love a guy with tats and piercings as well :)

    1. awe thanks very much! aha cant go wrong with them! xx

  21. Hey! Love your blog!

    would you like to follow eachother,just follow me and ill follow right back! :)


  22. Hi honey, great post!
    Love your blog, its so cute :)


  23. I love this tag, definitely trying it sometime soon :) <3

  24. Such a fun post!! I totally forgot about Summer and Cohen, I love them together!!

    1. thanks Kat, aw yaay best couple ever! xx

  25. Love these kinds of posts, mostly because I'm super nosey! Your such a pretty lady, and the hair looks fabulous!

    Lindsey. x

    1. aw your so nice, thank you very much :) xx

  26. I hear ya about being young and carefree xx

  27. Love this! These questionaire posts are so fun! And your answers are so honest and hilarious! Your blog is so cute too :)

  28. Looool yh am feeling 22 too yano love this post BBz xoxoxo