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Happy New Year Everyone. 

This is like a one year of blogging post, because my first ever post back in 2013 which you can have a look at HEREUnfortunately, 2013 wasn't a great year for me as I lost 2 close family members, had all kinds of complication at the hospital and a couple other things BUT even though it wasn't so good I was truly blessed in 2013, like I passed my degree with a high 2:1, I was able to go to LA for a month during the summer, I started my own business and I ended the year getting back on track with my faith. However, I am so excited for 2014, I have a feeling this is year is going to be amazing. I decided it was so important for me to start planning everything I want for this year and actually do it. I have 5 main goals that I HAVE TO achieve this year. 

Focusing on the Cross ♕
This will always be my number one goal every year. My faith is so important to me, and I have been a Christian for nearly two years this coming May. Being a Christian isn't easy at all and sometimes I lose my way but God always draws me back. I was having a hard few months with my faith towards the end of last year but I am back on track so I feel content about it. So this year I hope to grow more in my faith and even take the leap of faith and join my church choir. 

1st Class in MBA Degree ♕
Not sure if you all know but I am currently doing my masters and I finish January 2015. I promised myself this year that I am going to work so hard on my masters degree because I really want a first class. I got a 2:1 in my undergraduate so the next level is a first class, by the grace of God. 

Learn to Drive and Play the Piano ♕
These are two things I seriously need to do and get them done this year. I am 23 in June and saying I cant drive is actually pretty embarrassing aha so Its something I have to do this year. It is also something I need to be able to do to achieve my plans for 2015 which I will speak to you all later in the year about. 

Healthy Lifestyle ♕
This is another big one for me in 2014. Towards the end of 2013 I started to realise that losing weight is a lifestyle, no more time for fad diets etc its all about eating healthy and exercising regularly if you want to see result, even just to generally keep yourself going and healthy. So I started this lifestyle end of November and from then till now I lost 20 inches all over my whole body, which was amazing. The thing is I didn't realise how much I actually enjoyed cooking.

Saving ♕
Just like other bloggers the minute we receive money we are straight in the shops and its all gone. I even started 2014 buying 3 new pairs of shoes, thinking about that now I definitely have a problem LOL, BUT I have drawn a line in the sand and have decided I will have one more big shop and then thats it for the year. I have so much stuff that I don't even have anymore room for, so It doesn't make sense just buying more things, so I need to save aha. 

Those were the 5 goals and challenges I have set for myself in 2014. I think its a great thing to have a blog post on something like this because you can look back at it and see what you achieved, what you didn't and how the year actually ended up. Oh and expect a lot more blogging from me this year, I have so many ideas lined up for this month. 

What are your goals and challenges for 2014, I would love to know?

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  1. sorry for your losses, but it does seem like you had many acheivements! love all your goals and there all totatlly do-able! good luck and happy new year!!!


    1. Thank you Carol, hope your well gorge :) xx

  2. Congratulations on getting a 2:1 & massive well done for doing a Masters! Thats amazing :)
    Some lovely resolutions you've got there, I hope you achieve them all! :)
    Drivings on my list as well! I'm 21 and still can't drive!

    A very happy New Year to you & hope 2014 brings you good things :)

    Charlotte xx

    1. Aw thank you very much for your comment Charlotte :) xx

  3. good luck with your goals mine's probobably to just carry on blogging and do well at school

    1. Thank you Bella, good luck with yours too, im sure you will do well in school :) xx

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