I'm currently obsessing over all things white. I don't no where its come from but I'm being drawn to everything white at the moment!
I used to have a rule that I made up "white at night is never right" and I really did believe that and stuck to that rule so bad, actually I hardly ever wore white during the day either, but as I'm getting older my style is changing and evolving and I find white quite classy, when paired with the right pieces. I dont think im 100% confident to wear a completely white outfit, but I will get there some day soon. White items are being sold in many shops at the moment, as it ties in with the monochrome trends that out at the moment. Fellow fashion bloggers such as The Dolly RockersLulutrixabelleMeek -n- Mild and Katethisiswhatido are all loving the white trend too. 



 *The Dolly Rockers 

Below are five looks that I have styles using the white trend, there is a trouser, skirt, shorts, one piece and dress look.

White Shorts: Masculine 

White Masculine

I love this look, I'm really into my shorts at the moment and I believe lace shorts give any outfit a cheeky feminine feel, which this outfit needs. I think the masculine look can be pulled off by anyone. I would rock this look to work or on a night out, for a day out I would pair this look with some red converse. Turquoise and red are two of my favourite colours and when paired together they work so well. I'm really obsessed with white blazers at the moment too, they really do ooze sophistication, add a pair of strappy and your set to go. 

White Skirt: Floral & Yellow

White Skirt: Floral and Yellow
This look reminds me of something I would wear to dinner in LA, its a very geometric inspired outfit, which the square clutch bag and the triangle earring, not to mention these heels... OH MY GOODNESS, I am in love, they are some gorgeous, anyone agree? Thought nude lips would be the best lip colour for this outfit as the hints of yellow and the floral blazer are very in your face. 

White Trousers: Neon Pop

White Neon
This is a very downtown LA during the day outfit, can see the likes of Victoria Beckham in something like this. I feel the outfit is plain, yet chic, you don't have to be all out their to stand out, this outfit stands out with its simplicity. I'm a huge lover of high waisted  everything, so when I saw these jeans I knew I had to incorporate them into a look, high waisted jeans also go amazingly with cropped tops. This blazer is sensational, as I mentioned previously I am in love with blazers at the moment and I really want this one. 

White OnePiece: 90s Retro

White OnePiece: 90s Retro
90s is a huge trend this year so I knew I had to include a one piece and I decided to go for a trusty white dungarees. A white one piece can sometimes look a bit dogde, BUT when styled right think they can look tha bomb. I'm obsessed with huff socks, yes they are controversial, but hey ho I  love them, i'd pair them with white coltrane as they would stand out more. This polka dot shirt is gorge and ties in well with the purple floral crown. 

White Dress: Fierce Leopard

White Dress: Fierce
This last outfit is very me, love the whole sports lux trend and the bagginess this outfit has got going on. Even though the main essence of the outfit is white, it left room to accessories using the colours red and a little bit of leopard print. I feel the leopard print gives the look that extra edge, added oomph and makes the look very different. Y'all know me, I do love my red lips, and platform trainers are my thang. Snapbacks arnt everyones cup of tee but I think it goes amazingly with this look. 

Hope you've enjoyed this white trend styling look book and it can inspire you in some way or another. Hope you're all doing well and speak to you all again soon. OH BY THE WAY, anyone else's blogger timeline working? I can read blogs still, is it just me or is it happening to everyone? IF YOU HAVENT ALREADY YOU CAN FOLLOW ME ON BLOGLOVIN' HERE so we can all still keep in touch!
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  1. I love all white everything! you should do an outfit post trying it out x


  2. Loving the first look!!!! I really love wearing white, it's such a classic colour xx

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  4. love your polyvore ensembles really cute especially the one with the white skirt x


  5. 90's retro is my fav!

    Lovely blog!

    Honeyashleigh.com xx

  6. Cool looks!

    Do you want to follow each other? Let me know!

  7. I love the looks you've created, especially the first one! I'm a little bit scared to wear white as it will just blend into my ghostly pale skin ha ha :) xx

  8. I'm also in love with the white minimal look right now.

    Love this post !, so detailed


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  10. This post is amazing, and I absolutely adore the first three looks you have put together; gorgeous.


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    Weirdo xoxo


  13. I'm the same, loving white at the moment! Love all these looks but esp the white trousers and neon pop its so me!

  14. such a lovely post - i love wearing white right now

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // bloglovin

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  15. Love the all white outfits..and love how you've styled the outfits with a pop of colour


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    The Eye

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    my blogger timeline is still working too, and I can still follow blogs?! I'm confused with all this gfc is closing down business :s
    Anyway, great blog just stumbled across it, now following


    1. ahh thank you, yeah mine is to so weird i have no clue whats going on! xx

  21. love the first outfit so much! all of your styling is amazing :) those coltrane boots are to die for xx

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