Autumn Winter Ideas 2013

Burgundy Dream

burgundy dream

This coat is amazing, nothing less nothing more, I'm literally obsessed. I love everyone about this look.
I think the accents of burgundy, with the chunky boots go amazingly well. You cant really go wrong with mom jeans this A/W, comfort yet stylish. This winter I literally will be living in my sweatshirts, they are just so practical and warm. Its all about dark lip colours and the exceptional red and pink somedays but yeah dark lips for the win this season.  

Red Velvet

red velvet
I think this looks is very cutesy with the watch and backpack but I love the contrast with the heavy boots and chunky chains. This denim coat is INSANE, I am literally in love. This outfit is so me as its just so casual. I also feel the boxy jumper balances out the structures jeans, so it looks proportionate.  

Fur Leather

fur leather

This outfit is so Aubrey Hepburn inspired. The cute Chanel earrings and bag sets this outfit off. I think pastels are going to be huge this A/W and I believe pairing this jumper and the heavy leather skirt balance each other. Im seriously loving fur coats this season, so warm and it automatically makes any outfit stand out. The strapy sandals are the bomb, I still believe they are going to be everywhere this winter, they make feet looks shockingly amazing, anyone else agree? 

Ain't No Wifey

aint no wifey

How awesome are the AIN'T NO WIFEY beanies? I have this in pink and its literally my go to beanie, its amazing. I adore this outfit, the pants and fluffy crop are to die for. Again I'm sure you can tell I'm obsessed with coats this winter, I literally have my eye on 4 I want, which is a bit silly seeing as I would probs buy them all if I could aha. 

Hope this post inspires some people this A/W and hopefully I'm going to be getting my laptop soon so I can get back to blogging. Hope you all have a brilliant week. 
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  1. Great post, the last outfit is my favorite! followed your blog via GFC:)

  2. The third look is up my street. very inspiring.

    Great blog.

    thank for your lovely comment. i am following you now . xx

  3. I want every shoe you've posted now lol. Red Velvet is probably my fave, I can't get enough of those jean jackets!

  4. I need that denim Nelly Jacket in my life! Your blog is too cool babes!

    Thanks for stopping by mines now following x

  5. The fur leather outfit is my favourite! Perfect for a/w!


  6. amazing! i love every single look! my favourit is the "burgundy dream"! =)

    Check out my latest OOTD :-)

  7. Inlooooove with the platform boots in the last outfit! Great outfits dear x
    Maria //

  8. I want the boy shirt! Amazing looks! xx

  9. great selection! ^^

    Would you like to follow each other on GFC?

    1. thank you, shall deffo check out your blog :) xx

  10. love these outfits, especially the 2nd and 3rd! <3

  11. Hi Em, oooh I am loving those floral jeans, and I will NEVER tire of beautiful burgundy, its an A/W staple isn't it? Hurry up and get your laptop fixed so we can see your USA pix!!! xo

  12. love all of these outfits!

    from helen at

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