Teen Choice Awards 2013


 The TCA is one of my favourite award shows, its fun, lively and full of celebrities around my age range, so I am always intrigued to see what they are wearing. I hate to say it, but I think the outfits for this years TCAs has got to be the WORST TO DATE.
I was so disappointed with the styling for this awards, in my opinion it was all wrong wrong wrong. The lovely ladies I expected to rock the red carpet failed and the ones I wasnt expecting much from did a pretty good job. The thing I dont get is that with this award show you can be different quirky and let your style go a bit, but the outfits were mainly so plain and boring, here are numerous outfits from the girls I just wasnt feeling. 

I was SO DISAPPOINTED with the Pretty Little Lairs cast outfits, the only beauty that managed to pull it out of the bag was Shay, she looked sensational. In my opinion, Ashleys outfit looked hideous, the shoes did not match the skirt and the skirt did not match the top, basically it was a shambles, BUT shes so stunning, her makeup was perf. Troians outfit fitted perfectly and the back was gorge but it was such a Helen Mirren outfit, too old for her time and I felt Lucy's outfit was just so plain jane, nothing special. I was so upset with Demis outfit, that girl is all kinds of beautiful and she has a banging body, but she hid it under so much leather, the blazer and the shirt did nothing to complement her figure and her hair was just horrible, she looked like she was going to a rock concert unfortunately. This may come as a surprise, as Selena was all over the paper and the best dressed lists, but I really really wasnt a fan, it was too safe for me, it was more of an Oscar gown than TCA, it just wasnt fun at all, I would have added bright pink lips to her outfit, to liven it up a little. I was really shocked at Little Mix's outfits too as these girls are usually right up their for me in the fashion department as they are so unique, but they were so dull and boring this year, all matching monochrome and Jessie, Leah and Perries maxi dresses look like something from Primark, not great at all, I do have to say that Jades shoes were fierce though. Naya is gorge but no comment on that outfit... no comment. Shame that Lily Collins and Bella Thorne were in the same print, not going to lie Lilys outfit wasnt that awful just wasnt a fan of the whole look.

These beautiful ladies were my best dresses. I loved the colours Britney Snow and Katie Cassidey dresses, so on trend and the 3D flower material looks amazing, the shift style dresses really complement their figures, also to add their shoes, hair and makeup looked gorge. I really liked what Sandra Bullock wore, it was so risque and she pulled it off so well, it goes well with her bob hairstyle too, I love the simplicity of Michelle Rodriguez outfit, its plain yet it actually stands out, the colour looks amazing against her skin tone and the dress fits perfectly. Ninas jumpsuit/top & trousers combo was on point for me, she held her hair in a cute ponytail to so we could see how gorge her outfit was, hats off to her stylish and hair & makeup team, she looked ace. Where do I begin with Shay, she is something else, one of the prettiest girls I've ever seen and emily is my favourite liar on PLL. She looked the absolute bomb, I've clearly got a massive thing for jumpsuits at the moment, she looked amazing, wasnt sure how I felt about the shoes though, but I'll let her off. Finally you all know Miley is my girl when it comes to style, she isnt afraid to step out of the box which I love. She was in a gorge Saint Laurent number and I must admit if this outfit was on anyone else I would have hated it, but she worked it and werked it good. She's also got legs to heaven, her pins look amazing, feeling the white pumps and the whole monochrome outfit, well done Miley. 

I was expecting big things from the guys this year, but I got nothing, what was with all the leather? Matthew Morrison would have looked OK if it wasnt for those hideous shoes, I felt they did no favours to his outfit at all. Bless Cody Simpson trying to be all on trend with the ombre look, it just didnt work for me, it looked like he spilt ink all up his arms, the little cutie. 

The only guys that did it for me this year at the TCAs in the style department were Keegan, Nick, Jonas Brothers and One Direction, I would happily applaud all of them, they did good, wasn't too keen on the monstrosity on Harrys head though.  

If I was going to the Teen Choice Awards, here are a couple of outfits I have styled and would have worn.

Seeing Red 

red fantasy

Pink Ambition

Pink Hints

Orange Feathers

Orange Feathers

Clashing Prints

clashing prints

I would love to know what you thought of the TCA outfits and the outfits I've styled, speak to you all again soon.
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  1. Absolutely love this post! The outfits that you styled are GORGEOUS!!!!!! Orange feathers are amazing xx


  2. Selena Gomez was my fav, didnt look like she was trying to hard. Also the 2 palm tree outfits.


  3. This post is great! The outfits you styled are in-sane! I love the pink one! xx

  4. Love this post!! Miley Cyrus looks fab as per usual. I love the outfits you've styled too, they look amazing!

    http://fashionfromgem.blogspot.co.uk/ xx

  5. Love this post! Miley looks fab as per usual! Love the outfits you've styled, they look amazing!

    http://fashionfromgem.blogspot.co.uk/ xx

  6. I love how you made up outfits you would wear! Great idea! The pretty little liars girls look fantastic! xx


  7. Love your outfit ideas here :) xx

  8. Great outfits, love the pink ambition look! xx


  9. love the outfits you put together, especially the tunic top and printed pants! So cute.

  10. the pink blazer and shorts combo above you styled is perfect!!
    Deejay Speaks